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Property Division in a Divorce

When a marriage has broken down one of the biggest questions back clients ask is how is the property to be divided. The matrimonial property act is what dictates how a property is to be divided upon the breakdown of a relationship a claim under this act must be made within 2 years. How [...]

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Divorce Facts

Divorce can be a very complicated and intimidating procedure. Many questions surround those were about to begin at the force such as who gets custody of the children, how is the property divided between us, and how long does it take. Most parties choose to get a lawyer and this can help make things [...]

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Child Support Enforcement

When there is a child of a relationship whether the parties were married or not at the breakdown of that relationship there needs to be clarification as to how the child will be supported. This article was written to give an overview of how a child support is decided and enforced. This article does [...]

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